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I often hear the question from left brain gents (yes that will be the ones with the no romance or artistic genes) on how to pop the question and if I can give any suggestions.

My one and only answer is always, SURPRISE her in the moment when you ask her.

Choose a setting which reflects something you both love.

For us, it is the bush. This is the place where we always connect and reflect. That is where my now husband popped the question. Can I just mention that I designed the ring myself, and one of my only requirements to him was that I wanted to be surprised! Poor guy!

Upon arrival at the sublime Simbavati Hilltop Lodge which I thought was a work function of his work. seeing that he even created a fake work invite to the ‘weekend event’ I really did not suspect anything. Refreshing cocktails and panoramic views awaited us. I instantly fell in love with the sacredness of Simbavati.

As I love photography (all the photos on this site is of my own by the way) I brought my big lens and binoculars with as any avid wildlife photographer will do. Still in awe of our room my boyfriend yelled –  Marion – come quick, QUICK bring the binoculars, I see something in the distance! Grabbing the binoculars I ran to the big stoep of our private room. Taking the binos out from the bag, squinting my eyes as quick as possible to focus on the target… when I felt something heavy. When looking down I saw a ring box tangling on a cotton band. When I looked up I saw Gustav on one knee. Without expecting anything he popped the question.

That breathtaking second, when everything evolved yet remained the same, that unforeseen moment of time, I will never forget.

So to the gentleman reading this, most ladies out there are all about romance, surprise her. Captivate the moment. Make it unforgettable and one of the stories you can share with generations to come.

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