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Opting for something different than traditional diamond for the main stone? You are not alone! Some ladies might stick to a diamond, yet there’s no set in stone rules that you need to choose the same. If you’re a lady who adores something more extravagant, a dusty pink morganite may be your dream stone.

So what is this gem that everyone is raving about?

Morganite is a pink colored semi-precious gemstone that includes emerald and aquamarine minerals.

Morganite ranges in various hues of pink. We at MRJ sell the dusty pink color. A more expensive, yet rare to find in comparison to the lighter morganites.

For the romantic at heart, it is believed that the stone has energy of compassion, assurance, deep love and commitment. Some good attributes to have in a marriage we would say.

Myth: We have received plenty of emails in the past where ladies refer to morganites as morganite diamonds. A morganite is not a diamond. This leads us to the next question.

Morganite vs Diamonds: Morganite is often chosen as it is a fantastic alternative to diamonds.

Ladies adore the pink hues to the white undertones of diamonds. A pink diamond will cost ten times the normal price of a white colored diamond. Morganites are reasonably priced. (For now, at least).

A morganite is a relative hard gemstone. It measures 7-8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. A diamond, by comparison, measures 10 on the scale. Take note that even a diamond can break or chip, if you take care of your ring it will last a lifetime.

MRJ loves morganites for:

The sheer romantic spirit that the stone carries so graciously. This stone is a color that will never fade from style.

The beautiful pink colors blends with any type of precious metal. At MRJ we love to combine superior white diamonds set in a halo with the morganite being the princess of the ring castle.

Pop us an e-mail to design a tailor made morganite ring or browse through our various social media platforms for some inspiration.

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