Oops, her ring does not fit!

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So just imagine, you on one knee, slipping the ring onto her finger, grasping with excitement… when all stops, the ring does not fit.

Except for the awkward situation when proposing, it is also important to understand that rings can only be resized a few sizes.

Ladies: Take note, get your ring size measured at a reputable jeweller. Slip an email, facebook message and text to your best friend to let them know which ring styles you prefer(have a look at our category of rings) and of course, your ring size. Remember, weight gain or loss will also change your ring size. Keep that in mind. He will thank you later.

Gents: If your fiancé to be wears jewellery on her ring finger often and you are sure it fits well, do take it to a reputable jeweller such as MRJ to get it measured. A vernier can also work to measure the inside diameter of a ring.

If she does not wear rings often, ask her girlfriends to get involved. Let them initiate the idea of the ladies trying on each other’s rings. It is likely that one may perhaps fit.

Do schedule a private consultation with Marion to discuss a few other options to get her ring size.

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