Tips for Gents

Channel your inner MR. 007

Your mission is to spy on her style. Investigate her Pinterest board.
Understand the various styles:


A lady will always wear what she loves. If you are a traditionalist and not shopping together for the engagement ring you need to pay attention to detail to what she wears.

Tip: Ask her to sum her style up in one of these five styles:

Classical Lady of Love

Bohemian Wanderess

Vintage Mademoiselle

Modern Muse 

Avant Garde,


Consider the Metal

It is no secret that ladies love to adorn with jewels. Perhaps it is a good idea to keep secret watch of what she is wearing. The undertone of her skin will also play a role in the metal type and even diamond hue.

The Focal Point

Any true artisan will always tell that one should have a focal point in a design/photo/room etc. The same design principal naturally applies to the designing of a ring. Some hints hereof we will refrain from sharing, you know, as we are artisans after all.

Know the 4C’s of diamonds.

If you are not opting for a diamond and rather a semi precious stone, learn about the characteristics of the specific stone. For example a tanzanite, is a soft stone. Perhaps rather opt for an Iolite etc.


A professional jeweller will also educate you on all the aspects of designing and manufacturing. It is important to know what exactly you are buying.

Choose a jeweller

It is important to choose and stay with one jeweller. A ring is more than just a diamond and metal. Spend time with the jeweller that he/she can learn the way you think and what type of style you like. This will create a depth to the design.

Choose the Best

Do opt for the best quality. When comparing prices it is important to understand the MRJ thrives on unique beauty. To truly connect with someone one needs to understand the basics of design.

3D Design

It is important when manufacturing a ring to know that the jeweller understands what you want. To draw a sketch on paper is in the past. 3D designs is not just all for show. This is done so that you exactly know what the end product will look like and if there’s any changes to be made before the ring is manufactured.

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